Monday, April 13, 2009

More Workers' Comments on Paid Sick Days

In February, we posted workers' comments on paid sick days. Since that time, we've received more great comments. They include:

"No one should have to decide to work even though they are ill. I know one woman who became homeless even though she had a job. Insanity! The fear of abuse is greatly misplaced."

"I have two part-time jobs. I had the flu in December. I missed work. I also do not get paid for holidays off so I fell behind I my bills. I have not been able to catch up."

"Paid sick days saved us during my cancer treatment. . ."

If you haven't signed the petition for paid sick days for California workers, please sign it. If you have signed the petition, please tell your friends and family members in California to sign the petition. Together, we can make a difference in workers' lives.

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