Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Magic Wand and Paid Sick Days

Suzy worked as a cashier at a pet store in San Jose. She had a wad of tissue in her left hand. Her nose was runny and her eyes were red. Her voice was hoarse from coughing.

Her co-worker Jenny tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Suzy, you should go home. If you stay here, you'll get our customers and the animals sick."

"I can't go home," Suzy cried. "I was already off Monday and Tuesday. If I take off today, I won't be able to pay the childcare bill for my daughter Jasmine. And if I don't have childcare, I'll lose my job."

"Can't you ask your folks for help?" Jenny asked.

"Both of my parents are on disability. So they have no money," Suzy replied.

"What about Jasmine's father?" Jenny asked.

"He's two years behind in paid child support. So I don't have a choice about working," said Suzy.

"Yes, you do," said Jenny.

"No, I don't," said Suzy while she wiped her nose with a tissue.

"I have a magic wand," said Jenny while pulling out a magic wand from her bag. "You can make a wish and it will be granted."

"I wish that I never would have to work again," said Suzy.

"Sorry, the wand can't grant that wish," said Jenny. "I got it at a recession sale and it has limited powers."

"What can I wish for?" Suzy asked while coughing.

"Paid sick days," replied Jenny.

"I wish for paid sick days," said Suzy.

Jenny twirled the magic wand and said a few magic words. She then turned to Suzy and said,
"Your wish is granted."

"Really?" asked Suzy.

"Check your e-mail," said Jenny.

Next to Suzy's cash register was the pet store's computer. She logged in and checked her company e-mail. Suzy saw an e-mail from corporate headquarters. It said the following:

Effective today, we are implementing a paid sick day policy. If you are sick, please go home. We will pay you for your time off. We want our workers to be healthy because we serve pet owners and their pets.

"Jenny, thank you for your help," said Suzy. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Yes, please sign the petition for paid sick days for California workers and tell everyone you know about the petition," replied Jenny.

"I will do that," said Suzy.

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