Sunday, February 1, 2009

Workers Comment on Paid Sick Days

Since late December 2008, we have been gathering signatures for our Paid Sick Days petition. We've received great comments on paid sick days from California workers.

"I am glad to have paid sick days, but I also believe in the absence of close-knit, self-sufficient, smaller communities, that paid sick days is a human right. Everyone should have them."

"Paid sick says is good for business, good for workers, good for everybody in California."

"Thank God, as a teacher with a strong union, paid sick days have been negotiated. Everyone should have the same!"

"It is my belief that obtaining paid sick days is a human right to receive fair and equal treatment."

If you haven't signed the petition for paid sick days, please sign it now. If you have signed, please send your friends and family in California an e-mail about the petition. Remember every signature will make a difference!

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