Monday, May 18, 2009

Dr. Virus' Evil Plan to Take Away Paid Sick Days Superwoman's Powers

The lights were dim in the office. The air smelled like mildew. The withered front door was cracked open slightly.

Inside the office, Dr. Virus was surrounded by a few of his cronies. Dr. Virus stared at the latest article about Paid Sick Days Superwoman. He was livid.

"We need to stop Paid Sick Days Superwoman now," he said angrily. "She's written compelling petitions that have convinced three businesses to give their workers paid sick days over the past month. Next, she'll be writing opinion-editorials for major newspapers and speeches for California's leaders on paid sick days. Then she'll be able to pass legislation that will cover the six million California workers who currently lack paid sick days."

"What's wrong with that?" someone asked.

"Because we can't allow workers to have paid sick days," said Dr. Virus. "I thrive on workers coming to work sick. It hurts everyone and that's what makes me tick."

"Aren't you a doctor?" another person asked.

"I'm not a real doctor," replied Dr. Virus. "Years ago, I was expelled from medical school because I enjoyed getting people sick. They told me that my ideas and beliefs were very dangerous."

"Maybe you should change," said someone.

"Once evil always evil," Dr. Virus chuckled.

"How are you going to stop her?" another person asked.

"I've invented a machine that will take away her writing superpowers," said Dr. Virus. "Once she comes in contact with the machine she'll be reduced to writing at first grade level. She will be worthless to the paid sick days movement."

"I doubt she's going to come near the machine," said someone.

"We will lure Paid Sick Days Superwoman with a fake plea for paid sick days," said Dr. Virus. "All I need her to do is to put her hand on the machine and her writing powers will be gone forever."

"How are you going to do that?" someone asked.

"Next week, there will be ads on California's radios stations. The ads will give her the time and place to meet us," Dr. Virus replied.

"And what if she doesn't come?" another person asked.

"She will," said Dr. Virus. "My plan is foolproof. There's no way that it can fail."

The room was silent for a few seconds. Then there was a loud noise. It sounded like someone had slammed the door.

"What was that?" Dr. Virus asked.

"Maybe the wind," someone replied.

Another person muttered underneath her breath, "Most likely a spy."

Can Dr. Virus be stopped? Stay tuned for the next post for Paid Sick Days Superwoman.

In the meantime, if you haven't signed the petition for Paid Sick Days for California workers, do it now. Paid Sick Days Superwoman needs your support to continue her fight for justice.

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