Monday, December 22, 2008

Paid Sick Days Fairy Godmother

Once upon a time, there was a single mom, Cindi, who worked very hard. She worked during the week at a job that she liked a lot. Cindi had worked for the same company in San Jose for over three years and had nice co-workers.

Cindi wished her job paid more and had paid sick days. However, she was glad that it paid her rent, food and other bills.

Cindi was very proud of her nine-year-old daughter Briana, who loved to play soccer. It was always a joy to watch Briana play on the field.

One Sunday when Briana was playing soccer, she got hurt very badly. Cindi took Briana to the hospital. The doctor told Cindi that Briana would be fine but she would need to stay home from school for three days.

Cindi didn't have anyone to take care of Briana. Her parents lived very far away. Briana's father was away on a trip with his new wife. And all of Cindi's friends worked during the week.

Cindi looked at her bank account balance online. She had less than $100 in her account. The rent was due in a couple weeks. Cindi needed a full paycheck to cover the rent. If she took off three days, she would be short by a couple hundred dollars.

Cindi didn't know what to do. She didn't want to lose her apartment. She had lived in the apartment for a long-time. It had two-bedrooms and it was in a nice working class neighborhood.

She walked into her bedroom's closet. To her surprise, there was a pair of glass slippers. She tried them on. They fit perfectly.

She walked back into her bedroom and looked into the mirror. Instead of her reflection, she saw a woman with long white hair.

The woman spoke, "I am your fairy godmother."

Cindi responded, "I don't have a fairy godmother."

"When you put on the glass slippers, I became your fairy godmother," the woman replied.

"Okay," Cindi said.

"I have the power to grant you one wish," the fairy godmother said.

"I'd like a million dollars," Cindi said.

"I'm sorry but I can't grant that wish," the fairy godmother said. "We're in a recession and our funds are limited."

"What kind of things can I wish for?" Cindi asked.

"Something simple that will help others," the fairy godmother responded.

"I wish my employer had paid sick days for all workers," Cindi said.

"Say I want paid sick days three times and your wish will be granted," the fairy godmother said.

"I want paid sick days. I want paid sick days. I want paid sick days," Cindi said excitedly.

"It's been granted," the fairy godmother said.

"Really?" Cindi asked.

"Yes, just check your e-mail," the fairy godmother responded.

Cindi went online and checked her e-mail. Her boss Ms. Charming had sent her an e-mail.

Because we will be adding an office in San Francisco, we went to a training about San Francisco's Paid Sick Days ordinance. We were very impressed by how both businesses and workers like paid sick days.

As a result, we have decided to provide paid sick days to our workers. Effective tomorrow, all fulltime workers shall have 12 paid sick days per year. Sick days will be prorated for part-time workers. Sick days may be used to take care of yourself or a family member.

Cindi smiled. She now would be able to pay her rent and take care of Briana. When Cindi walked back to the mirror to see her fairy godmother, she saw a note on her bed.


I had to leave to help another worker whose name is Cinder Ella.

To help the six million California workers who don't have paid sick days, please sign the petition for paid sick days.

In Community Spirit,

Paid Sick Days Fairy Godmother

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