Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paid Sick Days Superwoman Helps Ice Cream Workers

Denise was at home reading the latest news on the Internet. She saw an article that caught her eye.

Breaking News: Ice Cream Workers Seek Paid Sick Days Superwoman's Help

Anonymous sources have given us confidential information about an ice cream store in Northern California. Our sources have refused to give the name and specific location of the ice cream store because they fear retaliation.

There are currently over twenty-five workers who work for this ice cream store. Workers enjoy serving ice cream to children and their families.

Some workers have worked for the ice cream store as long as three years. Yet, not one worker receives paid sick days. Because workers do not make a lot of money, they are forced to go to work sick. This endangers the health of the children that they serve.

Workers do not know how to obtain paid sick days. They heard that there is a new superhero in California and her name is Paid Sick Days Superwoman. Last week, she helped a group of workers in San Jose obtain paid sick days.

The workers want to contact her but do not know how to find her. The new superhero doesn't have a Web site or an e-mail address.

At this time, the workers are asking that if anyone knows how to contact Paid Sick Days Superwoman, he or she should provide this information to them immediately. The spokesperson for the workers can be reached at the following special phone number that they have set up. The phone number is . . .

Denise stopped reading. She took her cell phone from her pocket and called the phone number.

"Hello," a woman answered.

"I read your article about needing help," said Denise.

"Do you know how to contact Paid Sick Days Superwoman?" the woman asked.

"I'm her," answered Denise.

"That's great," the woman said in an excited voice. "My name is Eileen and we really need your help with drafting a petition for paid sick days. None of us are good writers and we heard that you are really good."

"I can help you with that," said Denise. "Just give me the details of what you want."

Eileen explained the workers' predicament and provided Denise with the name and address of the company.

"Great," said Denise, "I can meet you in an hour with the petition."

"Fantastic," said Eileen. "I look forward to meeting you."

Denise said good-bye and hung up the phone. She then drafted a petition. After thirty minutes, she was done. Denise printed a copy and put it in her purse.

Denise went into her closet and pulled out her superhero outfit. It was a purple t-shirt with Paid Sick Days Superwoman emblazoned on it and matching purple leggings. Denise put on her outfit along with a wig and wire-brimmed glasses. Now, she was ready for action.

Denise walked out her apartment, locked the door and walked to her car. She drove to the ice cream store. Denise parked her car and walked to the store. When she was at the door, a woman greeted her. The woman beckoned her to come inside the store.

"Hello, I'm Eileen," said the woman. "We spoke on the phone."

"I have the petition," said Denise. She handed the petition to Eileen.

Eileen put on her glasses and read the petition. "This is just what we want," said Eileen. "I'll ask the workers to sign it."

"Great," said Denise.

"Would you like any ice cream?" asked Eileen.

"I'd like a scoop of rocky road ice cream in a cup," said Denise.

"One scoop coming up and it's on the house," said Eileen. Eileen then gave Denise a small cup of ice cream.

"Thank you," said Denise.

"I'm going to talk to the workers now," said Eileen.

Denise ate her ice cream. Denise patted her tummy. The ice cream was the best rocky road ice cream that she had eaten in her life.

A few minutes later, Eileen was back with the petition. "Everyone has signed it," said Eileen.

"That's great," said Denise.

"The owner will be here in twenty minutes," said Eileen. "Can you stay until she comes?"

"Sure," said Denise.

Denise then busied herself by reading a poster about different ice cream flavors. The poster was very interesting.

Twenty minutes later, the owner walked into the store. Eileen was behind the counter serving ice cream to a group of first graders.

The owner glanced at Denise and said, "I know who you are. My friends told me about you. Last week, you were in San Jose."

"Yes, I'm Paid Sick Days Superwoman," said Denise.

"What do you want?" asked the owner.

"All the workers have signed a petition requesting paid sick days," Denise replied. Denise then gave her the petition.

The owner read the petition. "Before I opened the shop, I was an English teacher at a community college for twenty years. Your writing is superb," said the owner.

"Thank you," said Denise in a meek voice.

"Your arguments for paid sick days make a lot of sense. A lot of our customers are young children. We certainly don't want to get them sick. It's a bad for business and it's bad for the children. Based on your petition, I will grant my workers paid sick days."

Denise smiled and said, "That's fantastic news."

Denise then walked to the counter with the owner by her side. Eileen had just finished serving all the first graders. Denise told her about the owner's new policy.

"That's great," said Eileen. "Thank you for your help. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Yes, please tell everyone you know to sign the petition for paid sick days for California workers," said Denise.

"I will do that," said Eileen.

"I will tell all my friends also," said the owner.

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