Sunday, April 26, 2009

Worker Has No Paid Sick Days After Eight Years

Jesenia lives and works in Southern California. She is 26 years old and the mother of four children. She is happily married and has been with her husband Victor for six years. Although Jesenia has a wonderful family, she doesn’t have a wonderful job.

Jesenia has worked for the same employer for the past eight years. She makes only $8.50 per hour. Jesenia works full time Monday through Friday packing boxes.

Despite working for the same employer for eight years, Jesenia has no paid sick days. When anyone in her family gets sick, she has to take time off from work. This is a hardship for Jesenia and her family. Because when she takes time off from work, this means less money for Jesenia and her family.

Jesenia cannot stress enough how important paid sick days is to her family and her. She is just one of the many people suffering the hardship of choosing between her job and her family.

To help workers like Jesenia, please sign the petition for paid sick days for California workers. Every signature will make a difference.

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