Sunday, March 1, 2009

Russia and Paid Sick Days

Bay Area Chapter 9to5 board member Dan DeNardo wrote a great story about a Russian immigrant's perspective on paid sick days.

Jenna came from Russia about ten years ago. She and I talked about this subject.

She still can't understand how employers would rather have sick employees come to work infecting many others. And wondering why the Productivity is down? Duh...

In Russia, you get x number of sick days per the number of years you have worked there. So after the first six months, you get 1 day. And it grows up to 10 days maximum.

Especially in these economic tough times, we need to get more productivity, reduce (true) excessive costs (like daily catered executive luncheons), go green and get the most out of every dollar spent in business.

A big thank you to Dan for his awesome story. If you haven't signed the petition for paid sick days for California workers, please do it now.

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