Monday, January 19, 2009

California Workers: Share Your Paid Sick Days Stories

We are currently gathering stories from California workers who don't have paid sick days. Do you work for an employer who doesn't provide paid sick days? Or maybe you worked in the past for an employer who didn't provide paid sick days. Please share your story.

We would like to post California workers' stories on our blog. For our stories, we need the following information.

1. Your occupation
2. Your city of residence in California
3. How long you have worked or did you work for your employer?
4. Are you are a single working parent? If yes, what are the ages of your child(ren)?
5. Are you a caregiver for a parent, grandparent or other relative?
6. How has the lack of paid sick days affected you and/or your family?

If you wish to be anonymous, please state this in your e-mail. We'll contact you if we decide to publish your story.

Please e-mail us at We look forward to your responses.

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